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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I'm sure you probably sang that topic but it's so much more that lyrics to a song when you have children! I remember when I was driving one day with my daughter and she was around four years old. We were behind the first person at the merge sign and the road was busy...

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5 Steps to Child Friendly Exchanges

1. Communicate with the other parent about the details of the exchange.  If you have things worked out ahead of time it will allow for a much smoother exchange.  Things to clarify are whether it's a drop off or a pick up, the time and location, transportation details...

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My Ex Is Talking Smack About Me To My Kids!!

Daddy was sad he didn't have any money to take us anywhere cause you have all his money mommy .  That's really mean! Mom said you don't care about me,  you only care about not having to pay more child support.  I hate you! Daddy says we should take all of our jammies...

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I have over twenty years experience helping children and families through issues of divorce, addictions, and other issues.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself  struggling with Co-parenting following my divorce.  Life became very difficult for me but when I saw things affecting my children I knew things had to change.   After trying the proven methods that flooded the web  I felt that none of these worked for me.  Your family is unique and dynamic and that’s why you deserve an individual approach to your Co-Parenting Issues.



I am in a situation which would be considered high conflict. By court order, around April 2016, i was advised to look into supervision in order to have access to see our daughter, because of false accusations by the mother. At the Edmonton Family Centre, the wait time was over a year, and their longest visitation time available was 1.5 hours per visit, once per week. I was being allowed access of 3 hours per visit, 2 times per week by the court.

Thankfully, i was able to speak with Ms Rice (shortly after early attempts failed to find a supervised safe place, or supervision options) because she was able to facilitate 3 hour visits on saturdays, and on sundays, at my house, with very little advanced notice. Understandably, this was a difficult schedule to accommodate, and without delays, Colleen was there to help with allowing me to see our daughter.
For that i will be eternally grateful. This was a time when our daughter didn’t know me as her father yet, and thanks to just that little extra visitation time, we started to bond. Within 2 visits, there was a noticeable and favourable difference in our daughter’s reaction, and behaviours towards me.

At that time, our daughter was just over a year old, and until then, i only had 2 hours a week with her. So not only did the courts recognize Colleen as a capable and suitable supervisor, her impressive background and experience cut through unexpected conflict, instigated by the mother, and resulted in continued supervision by Ms Rice, fully endorsed by the presiding judge of the queen’s bench.

After only a few minutes into the first visit, our daughter overcame her shyness with Ms Rice, and felt very comfortable interacting with her. During subsequent visits, there was always valuable information given about many aspects of our daughter’s well being, including home safety, activities, adaptable learning, diet, and of course, general care.

Ms Rice’s skills, and attention to detail were indicated in her notes, which were valuable upon return to the court, in determining additional time for our daughter and me. The notations were accurate, well organized, and showed what needed to be understood in order for the judge to make her decision.

Ms Rice on several occasions, generously offered to facilitate transportation of our daughter when our schedules did not coincide. This was an unexpected surprise, and shows her incredible dedication, and passion for helping to do what is best for our future….our kids.

So many thanks to Ms Rice for allowing our daughter and i to have a start to what will be our family unit.

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A recent unfortunate series of events led up to my requirement to utilize supervised parenting services. After extensive research and upon recommendation I chose to employ Family Nexus. My ex partner was required to approve the chosen service and did so without hesitation.

My first visit with my son was an emotional one as I hadn’t seen him in 6 months. Colleen was the first family nexus employee to bring him to visit me and didn’t make the situation feel awkward or uncomfortable in the slightest. She arrived in a safe vehicle with appropriate child seating. Throughout our visits she was very cheerful, understanding and even sympathetic to my specific situation. Although she kept a very close eye on my interactions with my son she didn’t make me feel babysat or degenerate as I anticipated the process to seem; In fact it was a delight to have her and her associates around.

Colleen appointed two other supervisors on other visitations and both were wonderful to have in my home while I visited with my son. Towards the end of my required period of supervision Colleen presented a report of their observations throughout our visits. I have provided this report to my family lawyer and anticipate that it will greatly assist in parental court.

Thank you Family Nexus for helping turn an unfortunate situation into an enjoyable experience.

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The staff was so knowledgeable and helpful when they came to my house. When they provided their summary of all the observations to me I was able to give them to my lawyer and got more time with my daughter and it’s now unsupervised.

Thank you for everything!!



My ex and I fought more after the divorce than when we were married.

He wouldn’t leave me alone and my kids were very unhappy. They would tell me he talked about me and I would snap back about him.

Colleen helped me make boundaries with him.  My kids are doing well in school again and seem to be adjusting better.